What is Vzoid?

Vzoid is an One Stop Total Solution online platform providing the services & products on Beauty, Wellness, Mom & Baby for everyone at any age. We strive to become a convenient and trusted online destination for customers to discover great values when it comes to feeling confident in beauty.

Why should I use Vzoid?

Vzoid is your One Stop Total Solution shopping cart which feature unbeatable deals on the best beauty, wellness, mom & baby stuff in your city. Now you can search for the best beauty, wellness, mom & baby services nearby and look for the latest promotional deals

How to I purchase Voucher?

Just follow these steps:

Where is my Voucher?

Once you're charged, you'll receive your voucher in ‘Orders’ and then ‘Service Vocuhers’.

How I redeem Voucher?

Voucher only able to rdeem from Vzoid app! Go to ‘Order’ and then ‘Service Vocuhers’ find the Voucher you want to redeem. Once selected you will see the ‘Redeem’ button, present this to the merchant to scan the QR code at the time of redeeming.

Do I need to make use of my voucher the same day I buy it?

Not necessarily. All vouchers come with a validity period, and they usually span to more than a month or so (may vary with individual deal). As long as the voucher is still valid, you could use it.

I can't get the appointment or reservation I want

Sometimes after a service is featured, certain dates may not be available due to high demand. This is why we advise you to book your appointment or your reservation as early as possible.

What if my voucher expires?

Every Voucher has a different expiration date, and you need to use your Voucher before that date for the merchant to be able to accept it. If you experience any difficulties in using the Voucher, it's important to let us know well in advance of the expiry date by

Can I refund or return the Voucher that I've purchased?

Your voucher may always be redeemed at the merchant who issued it for at least the amount you paid for it – even if the promotional value has expired. Additionally, any unredeemed voucher may be returned to us within the first three days of purchase for a refund of the amount paid. After that three day time period, Vzoid will not refund any voucher and all sales are final, unless otherwise stated in the Voucher.

Who can I complain to if I'm not happy with the service provided by the Merchant?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of Service we want to hear from you. You can talk to our Customer Service via email us at [email protected]

How to I purchase Product?

Just follow these steps:

  • Open Vzoid app or visit Vzoid website, chosose Beauty, Wellness, Mom & Baby to select product and then scroll down the page to see all available deals.
  • Click on the deal that you like and read the deal description and specification as it contains important information about the deal such as favour, volume and how to use.
  • If you wish to purchase the voucher, click 'Buy'.
  • Sign in to your account and enter your shipping and contact details.
  • Check that all information is correct and click on ‘Continue to Payment’.

Can I refund or return the product that I've purchased?

All payments are final and non-refundable. Any case on product quality issue will be handled by our customer support only within 3 working days after user has received the product. Cases that are submitted later than 3 working days after product has been received will not be handled. Other than product quality concern, we reserve the right not to accept returns and send the product back to you.

Delivery fees & Charges

At Vzoid, we keep our delivery fees to a minimum so that you get more bang for your buck. 

Vzoid provides Free Shipping above purchase RM99 in single transaction. 

Shipping fee calculation is as below:

  • West Malaysia: Vzoid charges only RM7 per purchase for the first 2KG 
  • East Malaysia: RM17 for the first 2KG  (Sabah and Sarawak).

Delivery Leadtimes
Vzoid try our best to ship your order on the next day and delivered in 1-3 business days. But all orders are shipped during working days and hours, please note that Vzoid do not represent courier companies, hope you can understand we can't control the delivery time and the parcel delayed is beyond our control.

I need to edit the shipping address on an order

If you realise that you have input an incorrect delivery address, please contact customer service at [email protected] within 24 hours after your purchase has confirmed.

I received the wrong product

We offer warranty and exchange for wrong product, please contact customer service at [email protected] within 24 hours after you have received your product.

The product is missing parts or accessories

Please contact customer service at [email protected] Please advise which product you are referring to and which product is missing.

Can I pay with bank deposit?

Yes! We accept bank deposit if you don’t have online banking or credit/debit card.  Please follow steps for bank deposit: 

  • Select all your items for checkout
  • In the bank page click ‘Cancel’
  • After you have bank in to Vzoid account, please send us an email with your order ID, amount, and transaction receipt.

Vzoid bank info:

Bank Name: UOB Bank

Account Name: Vzoid Sdn Bhd 

Account Number: 2293012093