Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring

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Step 1. Drape enclosed gown around shoulders to protect clothing. Put on enclosed gloves.

Step 2. Remove cap from Oxidizing Developer 2. Empty Colorant 1 into Oxidizing Developer 2. Replace cap.

Step 3. Slowly tilt Oxidizing Developer 2 to mix. Use immediately after mixing.

Step 4. Press Oxidizing Developer 2 pump to dispense foam.

Step 5. Apply on hands first then on hair, starting at the roots.

Step 6. Massage gently, making sure to completely cover your hair.

Step 7. Leave on for 20~40 minutes.

Step 8. After developing, rinse out foam with lukewarm water until water runs clear. Gently massage Silky Perfumed Treatment into hair to saturate.

Step 9. Leave in for 2~5 minutes and rinse.

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